Welcome to Life can be Toff!

My name is Kim, I live right on the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire border in the Cotswolds. It’s Highgrove country here darlings!

I have two dogs, Maddie and Kira the Staffordshire bull terriers, and look after Milly the Springer Spaniel, Trump and Bluey the ponies, as well as Alcatraz, Dougie and Cosmo for my landlords. Then there are the chickens (George and Roger) who give me much grief but have helped me overcome my fear of chickens….almost!

I’m extremely lucky to be a part of this amazing place, but, it’s not without it’s funny or tough/toff moments. I hope to document the former in my blog!

When I’m not working, I enjoy riding, reading, writing (obviously!) and walking with or without the dogs.

I always have my phone to hand and am always taking photographs, I’ve recently become a huge fan of Instagram (yeah I know, only a few years late!) but my real joy comes from writing. Friends are always telling me I should start a blog, or write features, so here I go! My boyfriend Jon is also a keen photographer and will no doubt feature here.

My day job is as an office manager for a membership organisation for landowners, where I will also be drawing inspiration for my blog.

I wouldn’t consider myself posh, though am always reminded “But you had a pony as a child”, though I’m not common either, as Martin Freeman quoted, I’m in between.

I hope you enjoy reading Life can be Toff, as much as I enjoy living it.

Peace out!

Jangles x