Welcome to Life can be Toff!

My name is Kim, I live just outside of Cirencester in the heart of the Cotswolds.

I am all about the countryside and what it has to offer, I love taking trips to Stately Homes, holidays in remote places, eating locally produced food and just generally taking care of me.

I have two dogs, Maddie and Kira the Staffordshire bull terriers who are also big lovers of the countryside, and sleeping!

In my day to day work, I’m a Communications Manager for a membership organisation which focuses on the rights of landowners, farmers and rural businesses. When I’m not working, I enjoy riding, reading, writing (obviously!) and walking with or without the dogs.

I always have my phone to hand and am always taking photographs, I’m a huge fan of Instagram, but my real joy comes from writing. Friends are always telling me I should start a blog, or write features, so here I go! My boyfriend Jon is also a keen photographer and will no doubt feature here.

I wouldn’t consider myself posh, though am always reminded “But you had a pony as a child”, though I’m not common either, as Martin Freeman quoted “I’m not posh or common, I’m in between”.

I hope you enjoy reading Life can be Toff, as much as I enjoy living it.

Peace out!

Jangles x